Total Sales Outsourcing
A Full-Service, Sales Management Consulting
And Outsourcing Firm For B2B Tech Companies
Sequoia Revenue rescues B2B tech firms that struggle with sales by assuming direct responsibility for all aspects of their sales planning, sales operations, and sales success.
  • Speed
    Our process is well-defined and implemented quickly. Our focus is to maintain your ROI.
  • Comfort
    We take the burden off of you and your team by directing all aspects of your sales department.
  • Results
    We manage your pipeline and every aspect of your sales funnel to maximize KPIs and profit.
An alternative to hiring agents!
Our clients are generally software development and engineering companies that don't consider sales a core competency. In fact, many of our clients find the prospect of building an internal sales team daunting. We are able to add, piece by piece, the components of a scalable sales department efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house team.
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A simple way to get started
  • We analyze your situation
    Our analysis process is quick, thorough, and free.
  • We design a sales plan
    Our typical turnaround time for plan preparation is less than a week.
  • We implement & manage
    Our team will every component of your sales team and its performance.
3 months is our typical client onboarding period
10X is our average client ROI goal
$1.2M is the usual sales quota for our clients
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